Sunday, February 05, 2006

Internet Marketing and Business

Well, it's the first post of this blog and I’ve established that there is just too much out there to talk about. I thought I would comment on the need for a business to really understand the effects of implementing Marketing and Advertising over the internet into their business. If you're a business owner, have you thought how to implement internet marketing in your business? Chances are you haven't or have briefly given it some thought and quickly got back to the usual day to day. If business owners need to understand one thing about internet marketing, it's this concept...

Prospects on the internet differ from that of your average prospective buyer who normally receives your direct mail or listens to your radio ads randomly through their own day to day. The potential prospect that finds you on the internet is more likely to become a sale because they are taking the time to find a company like yours that can fulfill their needs. The power of a prospect being able to find you business over the internet can have a huge impact on your businesses advertising cost per sale and overall bottom line. Just ask yourself how your yellow page ads are doing... my clients tell they aren’t very effective – and that does surprise me – mine holds up an unsteady table.

What you have just understood is the basic concept of BEIGN FOUND on the internet...If you'd like to read more about this and related topics please check back soon and as often as you can.